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Moving Home?

People often shift from one house to another for various reasons but, they often forget to follow proper safety measurements. If you have recently moved in to a new house somewhere in Twyford, it is important to consider the safety first. The first thing you should do is replace all the existing and old locks with the new ones. We are available with all the assistance that you need!

Security that prevents burglars and invaders!

There’s always been a risk of burglars attacking your property and the best way you can prevent them from entering is by applying the modern locks and security devices. If you are under the impression that it would be too costly, then you need to visit Twyford Locksmith. We have the best team of experts for successful installation of any security solution. Whether you are installing or buying locks, you can have the best job done with us.


A third of burglars get in through a window.

Window locks that can easily be seen from outside may put some thieves off because the thief would have to break the glass and risk attracting attention. Even if they do break the window, they still can’t open it which is a very good Reading security tip. Instead, they risk cutting themselves climbing through the broken glass.

Window locks are fairly inexpensive, Lock Solutions can fit key-operated locks to fit most kinds of windows. You may need more than one window lock, depending on the size of the opening you need to secure.

Window locks with keys should be fitted to all downstairs windows and windows that are easy to reach for example, those above a flat roof or near a drainpipe.


your front and back doors are not secure, neither is your home. Two-thirds of burglars gain entry through a door. Lock Solutions recommend that the best Reading security advice is to install a five lever mortise lock (kite marked BS3621) to all your outside wooden doors including french doors.

We could also fit mortise bolts to the top and bottom of all outside doors, including both sides of french doors.

The following devices can be fitted to your front door: Make sure your Reading security is up to standard.

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Doors Security Tips

  • No wonder doors are the entry of the house and keeping them easily breakable is simply compromising with the safety of your family. You cannot let them insecure for no good reason. If you are concerned about the safety of the door of your house, this is the right destination that you are in.
  • We could also fit mortise bolts to the top and bottom of all outside doors, including both sides of French doors.

  • Door viewer – if you don’t have a window in the door or some other way of checking who is calling, you need a door viewer installed. You can look through this to identify callers before you open a door. (The best Twyford security there is)
  • Hinges – check that the door hinges are sturdy and secured with strong, long screws. For added security, we can fit hinge bolts. These help to reinforce the hinge side of the door against force. Hinge bolts or security hinges are especially important if your door opens outwards.
  • Letterboxes – never hang a spare key inside the letterbox. This is an obvious place that a thief would check. Letterboxes should be at least 400 mm from any locks. Consider having a letterbox cage or other restrictor, which prevent thieves from putting their hands through and opening the door.
  • Rim Latch – most front doors are fitted with a rim latch which locks automatically when the door is closed. You can open these from the outside without a key. For strength and quality, Lock Solutions can fit BS3621 kite marked products.
  • Automatic Deadlock – this locks automatically when the door is closed and is more secure that other types of rim latch. It needs a key to open it from both the inside and the outside.